A teacher being imprisoned for subversive actions is directly associated with authoritarian regimes. A teacher dares to spread ideas contrary to the established doxa, and a horrified parent denounces this to the authorities. Given this, would you be surprised
Shopping is an essential part of daily life, and when travelling to any country, it’s often difficult to navigate shopping in a foreign language. This article will teach you the essential English shopping vocabulary, which will not only be
Working in an international company is not just great for your CV, but working abroad can also provide you with exciting new opportunities and give you a different perspective on the world and business. This experience and increased knowledge
Often, when you hear a native speaker speak English, they will speak in a very different way to how you were taught to speak. Their speech will not be formal, and they will use many filler words. Filler words
Speaking a language involves understanding it. It’s one thing to have a perfect understanding of grammar, and another to understand your interlocuteur.  We have all felt anxiety when speaking to a native speaker, the scenario is easily describable. An
English being the international language, you will, no doubt, have to write many emails in English, especially at work. To grab attention, it’s imperative to be succinct, short, and clear, and not let on that you struggle with English,
When thinking about the benefits of being bilingual, what probably comes to mind are the direct benefits, for example, to be able to travel without language anxiety in Japan or to be able to watch foreign language TV shows.But
As we are reaching the Easter break, and airline bookings have reached pre-pandemic levels, it is more than fitting to dedicate a blog to airport vocabulary! Language differences make navigating your way through a foreign airport challenging, but you
You cannot learn to speak  a language by studying. That seems like a paradox. A good paradox as you can finally part with your verb tables and grammar rules books. Of course, let’s not kid ourselves, in order to
Firstly you need to know – the program you will choose for English learning depends on your level. It can be educational, it can be for kids, as long as you are having fun when learning a language
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