Earn Money by Having Interesting Conversations - $10 / hour

Are you a native English speaker, and would you like to earn $10 an hour by discussing interesting topics? Sign up to become a tutor on MyDialogue, and we do not require any degree or high school qualification; all that is needed from you is to be able to speak English fluently, have a paypal account and have a willingness to talk! All content and guidance are built-in.
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Here is how it works

Your job with MyDialogue is to tutor English. All that we require from you is to be a native English speaker and to be an enthusiastic and helpful tutor!

With MyDialogue, you will not need to prepare any material. Before starting a lesson, a student selects a session on the app. Each session contains all the necessary learning and teaching material.

The teaching material includes the video that both you and the student will watch when starting the session and a set of 12 questions that can guide your lesson. You can tutor in a way that you and your clients find effective, and you are not bound by these questions.
Your role is to have topic related discussions with your student, to help them improve their spoken English and to teach them new words and phrases. You may think this could be difficult if you do not speak the student’s language, Thankfully, this is not the case as MyDialogue has incorporated a tool into the app which enables you to send them, live, a word/phrase in English which will be automatically translated into their native language.
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Why Earn with MyDialogue?

There are many language programs out there, what differentiates MyDialogue?

No qualifications needed

We only ask that you are a native English speaker. Unlike most of the other tutoring platforms, thanks to our comprehensive learning content and aids, you don’t need qualifications to deliver good service to students!

Earn money from your own home

You do not even have to get out of bed or get dressed (though we do recommend it.)

Choose your hours

You have complete flexibility and control!

No planning necessary

MyDialogue provides you with all the tools you need. All you have to do is have an interesting conversation. Unlike other tutoring services, you don’t need to prepare learning materials and plan for the course, we have done that job for you!

Gain experience

Gain valuable experience while earning money! Yeah, much more valuable than the experience of driving the bike or walking dogs!

Make new connections

Meet many different people from different cultures and countries.

Make money easily

As we provide you with all the tools, all you have to do is show up and speak!

Earn money from the confort of your own home!

Signup early and get a discounted service fee for your work!

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