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How does MyDialogue correspond with the future of the workplace ?

Practices and skills needed in the workplace have been changing for a while. The pandemic has accelerated this and further shaken up the world of work. The future of the workplace, in terms of expertise required and environment will be far from what we know today. As the summer holiday ends and people start to go back to work, this has been abundantly discussed and MyDialogue would like to profit from this moment to address how our application and employment model corresponds with tomorrow’s workplace.


Changing Skills

The technological revolution has and will continue to disrupt the workplace. Jobs that were once highly demanded have disappeared and others will be taken over by AI robots. Given this changing job market, it is very difficult to predict the skills needed for the future.

However, one thing that will always remain is the need to speak foreign languages. The pandemic has not slowed down globalisation. Over the past quarter, trade, in absolute value, has reached a new record and the need to speak foreign languages is increasingly pressing. MyDialogue prepares users for this. It focuses on the speaking element of a language and through using the app over time, users will become fluent.

Another essential skill that will remain, and which cannot be replaced by robots in social skills. MyDialogue will develop users’ social skills and it is an interactive app that builds relationships between people across different cultures and countries.


Working From Home

The pandemic has transformed working from home into a permanent work habit. MyDialogue is aligned with this as it allows tutors to work from the comfort of their own home!


Working With Meaning

We have recently observed a paradoxical trend. There is a high level of job vacancies, despite the economy operating at a less than full employment level. This has been attributed to workers wanting to do a job with greater meaning, and to be able to have greater freedoms. MyDialogue not only gives tutors the flexibility to chose their hours, but also provides them will a valued and meaningful role. They are essentially paid to have interesting conversations with their students and to help them advance with their English. Their job involves social interaction, and the pandemic has proven the extent of which this is necessary and enhances people’s lives.


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