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Remodelling the Gig Economy to Create Connections

The Gig Economy represents an increasing share of the job market and is projected to continue to grow. Whilst it offers benefits to those wishing to make extra money or craving flexibility, it removes the creation of human relationships that employment provides.

Covid-19 has highlighted this necessity. Whilst as first, working at home was considered a novelty, for many, this quickly transformed into a feeling of loneliness and a loss of human connections.

Unfortunately, for those who work in the gig economy, this is a daily reality. Delivering takeaways and driving people around are isolating tasks and fail to bring the social advantages of employment.

MyDialog changes this. MyDialog puts human relationships in the centre of its model by giving people the opportunity to make money through having interesting conversations. MyDialog’s tutors retain the benefits of the gig economy, but do not suffer from the loss of social contact. They can have conversations with many people all around the world, create


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