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What are Trial Sessions ?

Trial sessions are offered by tutors at a discounted price, not all tutors provide trial sessions.

Session Cancelation and Reschedule Policy

You can cancel or change the time of your lesson more than 24 hours before the scheduled session. To do this, press ‘cancel session.’ You can reschedule your session by organising a new one. If your session is cancelled more than 24 hours in advance, you will be reimbursed, and if the lesson is rescheduled, the money be transferred to that session.

If you cancel or reschedule a session within 24 hours of the scheduled session, you will lose 50% of the money paid.

How to find a tutor?

There are many tutors to choose from. You can filter the tutors based on your preferences, e.g. price, second language spoken, availability, ratings. Each tutors has an accompanying video in which they introduce themselves.

How to report a problem?

If you have not found the session satisfactory, or you have experienced inappropriate behaviour from a tutor, you will have 72 hours to report the session and a member of the MyDialogue team will review your complaint and you have the possibility to receive a refund. Please note that you will be able to access an audio recording of your session with your tutor for up to 72 hours after the session. This can be used as evidence to support an unsatisfactory or inappropriate lesson.

What should I do if my tutor does not attend the session?

Please wait 15 minutes for your tutor to attend. If they do not attend, please contact your tutor. You and your tutor should both agree, if desired, on a new time for your session. If your tutor does not respond to you within 72 hours, please contact MyDialogue via the “Feedback and Suppor” button. No money will be paid to your tutor as money is only transferred if you are satisfied with the session. You can be reimbursed straight away by pressing ‘Service not provided.’

What age do I have to be to use MyDialogue?

You must be at least 16 years old.

What software is necessary?

To use the mobile application, you must have access to an iOS or Android smartphone or a tablet. To use the web application, you must have access to a computer with a camera and a microphone.

Are my sessions recorded?

You will be provided with an audio recording in order to be able to review your sessions at a later date. This can be used as proof if there is a problem with a session. Recordings are automatically stored for up to 72 hours after your session. If you would like to keep a recording beyond this period, please press “Store Recording.’ Please note that tutors do not have access to these recordings. Your recording will NOT be accessible by any third parties.

How do I schedule a session?

To schedule  a session, please send a session request to your chosen tutor. You will be able to see your tutor’s availability from their calendar and to book a session. Choose a time where the tutor is available. Your tutor can either accept or reject your request. If your tutor rejects the session, your tutor will suggest another time. You can either accept or reject that time, Please agree on a time where both of you are free. If a convenient time cannot be found, feel free to choose a different tutor.

It is your responsibility, as a student, to send a scheduling request to your tutor. You will have the option to book your next session at the end of each session.

Behaviour Policy

Respect the values and traditions of your tutor. Please refrain from discussing or asking about:

  1. Personal life. E.G, marital status
  2. Political affiliations.
  3. Religious identifications. E.G. , do not ask a tutor if he or she believes in God or identifies with a religious group.
Be Patient and Polite
  1. Do not insult or shout at your tutor.
  2. Do not use rude or offensive language.
  3. Do not lose your temper.

If you have any problems, or do not know how to correctly deal with a situation, do not hesitate to contact MyDialogue.

How do I maximize my learning outcome?

  1. When participating in a session, complete all elements of the sessions, from the vocabulary learning to post session consolidation.
  2. Review the questions before the session to prepare.
  3. Use the vocabulary learnt in the MyDialogue dictionary relating to a specific topic when discussing that topic with your tutor.
  4. Set a regular schedule in order to build fluency. Try and complete at least one session a week over a continuous period of time. MyDialogue officially recommends two sessions a week to maximise your learning outcome.
  5. Don’t be shy and speak as much as possible during your sessions.
  6. Review new words learnt during a session after the session reuse them in your next sessions.

How long does each session last ?

45 minutes to an hour.

Session Policy

  1. Start at scheduled time. Tutors should initiate the call so please ensure that you are by your phone or your computer at the time of your scheduled call.
  2. Wait for a late tutor. Please wait for up 15 minutes for your tutor to call you.


Use the MyDialogue payment service to pay your tutor. Payment will only be provided once you have confirmed that the session has been  completed and was conforming to the regulation. If you have a problem, a member of the team will get involved and a case will be opened. You will have the possibility to get a refund.

Feedback and Rating

After every session, your tutor will provide you with helpful, objective, and balanced feedback. You will receive a a fluency rating, rated 1-5 based and an accuracy rating, rated 1-5. You will also be asked to rate your tutor.


It is prohibited to plan sessions with your tutor outside the MyDialogue platform and to use an external payment system. If a tutor asks you to provide them a service outside of the platform, please report this to a member of the Team. Should you violate these prohibitions, MyDialogue reserves the right to deactivate your account.

Subscription Options

  1. Ad Hoc Learning Path. You buy each session individually at the full price.
  2. Fluency Silver Path. Monthly subscription with 4 sessions a month. Each session will be offered at a discounted rate.
  3. Fluency Gold Path. Monthly subscription with 8 sessions a month. Each session will be offered at a discounted rate (at an even greater rate compared to the silver path.)
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