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What a Moroccan football club can teach us about languages trends


The social perception of different languages

It is reported (Maroc : le français mord la poussière sur les réseaux sociaux du Raja – Le Point) that one of the reasons why English is increasingly used amongst Moroccans is because French is considered by many as a the language of the elite, of superiority, of those who occupy the boxes in the stadiums. As a response to this, some revolt by turning their back on French, and instead, create their own sense of superiority and ‘ closed club’ by using English.


The impact of streaming services

 As Netflix and Disney Plus become more globally widespread, people have greater access to English series and films, which simultaneously improves their English and increases their desire to learn English.

How Covid has impacted the English language

 Another reason why English has become popular amongst Moroccans is because most information on the Coronavirus, whether it be articles or videos, is in English, and this has sharpened peoples appetites to know English, to ensure that that are up to date with the latest news .


Predominance of English

Despite the warning of how English may soon be replaced by Spanish or Mandarin as the international language, it looks like its status is well established, and it is here to stay. This is good news for MyDialogue as we are launching the English version of our app very soon😉


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