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MyDialogue is an app that transforms language learning into an interactive and engaging activity. It is a culturally immersive language platform that connects people that want to improve English conversational skills with native speaking tutors. Students improve and practise their language skills through MyDialogue’s interactive language learning sessions, covering a range of topics and providing discussion material.

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Comment ça fonctionne ?


Appuyez sur le bouton et une fois que vous avez rempli le formulaire, on vous contactera.

Recevez un compte

MyDialog vous enverra vos coordonnées.

Download app and login

Connectez-vous avec les coordonnées qu’on vous a envoyées.

Get matched with a tutor

You will be matched with a native English speaking tutor.

Fixez une date et une heure

Schedule a time to speak with your tutor!

Commencez une séance

When the hour arrives, continue your language learning and start the session with the tutor.

Curated and Guided Conversation Sessions

Hooking up people via video chat and hoping for the best does not cut it. It’s difficult to know how to start a conversation and most people, after the initial “where do you live?” don’t know how to continue. That’s when our Curated and Guided Conversation Sessions come to the rescue!
MyDialogue’s guided sessions combine three essential language learning elements, vocabulary, listening, and speaking in one tool (see below.) Sessions are updated weekly to ensure that users are regularly exposed to new vocabulary and topics.

Are You a Native English Speaker? Earn Money by Having Interesting Conversations!

Sign up to become a tutor on MyDialogue, and we do not require any degree or high school qualification; all that is needed from you is to be able to speak English fluently and a willingness to talk! All content and guidance are built-in. We will provide you with the content, the questions, and discussion points to discuss with your partner and the videos to watch together. Our innovative conversation system means you will always have conversation prompts and will never be lost for words!

Élargissez votre vocabulaire

To broaden vocabulary and to prepare for a session, each session contains topic keywords and verbs. This gives you the necessary tools to discuss a topic with you tutor. Click on the words to hear their pronunciation.


Améliorez vos compétences d'écoute

During a session, improve your listening by watching a topic related video in English. The videos are subtitled in English so that you can always understand them. Learning is reinforced as words previously learnt are heard in a specific context.


Faites avancer vos compétences orales.

Practise your speaking with your tutor. Use the questions that MyDialogue provides to work through a topic! Apply the words that you just learnt and heard and learn to speak English fluently!

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