About MyDialogue

We believe that language learning should be a culturally immersive, engaging, and an affordable experience. We have created a controlled and safe language learning platform that provides this. Students wanting to learn a language are connected with native speakers and start an interactive, guided language learning course. Thanks to our language learning process, any native language speaker can become a tutor. We are a bit like Uber or Deliveroo but without questionable ethics. Instead of making money through driving, MyDialog offers tutors the possibility to earn money from the comfort of their own homes by having interesting conversations.

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MyDialogue is about knowledge. We believe that learning another language unlocks another world, not only through the opportunities that it provides in terms of income and employment but the ability to read and learn about different ideas in a foreign language. That enables a person to learn about events and discover ideas and theories written in that foreign language they previously could not access. This is how MyDialogue teaches a language: by exposing a user to new ideas via teaching them to converse, enabling them to gain knowledge in a multifaceted manner.



Ilana Glass

Co-Founder and CEO

Ilana feels that languages open a person to a new world, a new culture, and ideas. MyDialogue was born from an idea she had regarding language learning at school. By working and developing the product, she has created an innovative way of learning a language.

Zoran Krnetic

Co-Founder and CTO

With a background in computer science and UX design and more than fifteen years of experience in hiring, leading, and managing local and remote teams, Zoran is in charge of product design and leading the development.


Ana Rudnicki

Head of Learning Content

In 2012 got her M.A. in Language and Literature and has been an English and Spanish teacher since. During her career, she has taught children, teenagers, and adults, both individually and in groups, prepared some of them for different Cambridge exams, which they successfully passed.


Ivan Stajic

UI/UX Designer

As an experienced UI/UX designer, Ivan has been working with clients all over the world, from individuals to large corporations. He helps people see their ideas come to life by translating them into effective, useful, and beautiful digital products that make our lives easier.

Stefan Krejovic

Full-stack Developer

Stefan is full stack web developer and mobile developer, with a lot of experience in developing various interesting front-end and back-end projects. Motivated and determined in problem solving and loving any new challenges.

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Sonja Milenkovic

Digital Marketing Specialist

Graduate of Marketing with more than five years of proven experience in SEO, Google Adwords, PPC and SMM. Sonja will develop Digital Marketing Strategy that will drive your business through digital transformation.

Board Members and Advisors


Andrew Millet

CFO, Board Member and Adviser

A chartered accountant with 30 years experience of working with successful early-stage businesses. Andrew is the founder of Wisteria a successful firm of accountants; CFO of PinkNews Group; and director / Governor of The Mill Hill School Foundation.
Richard Brown

Richard Brown

Shareholder and Adviser

Richard is a successful businessman and investor, having invested, owned and sold many companies. He brings a high level of business acumen and knowledge to the team.
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