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Addressing Issues noted by The IWGB Union

MyDialogue’s tutors will operate within the gig economy. Unfortunately, at the moment, the gig economy has a negative connotation, it is seen as exploitative.

Reading reports from the IWGB on workers welfare has enabled MyDialogue to build our business model to ensure we are addressing workers concerns to ensure that they can provide a remunerated service in a safe environment.

Below are a few points raised by the IWGB, and our response.

– ‘“Often, when couriers report incidents to Deliveroo and other courier companies, the first question is about the welfare of the package, not the human being delivering it.” – MyDialogue cares deeply about the welfare of its tutors. They will provide a service which cannot be in the future replaced by drones, and the nature of the tutor student relationship means that the tutor is just as important as the student.

-The issue of unpaid waiting time – MyDialogue tutors’ will not have this problem as students will book sessions in advance, based on the tutor’s availability.

‘80% of our members had been verbally abused on the job.’ Any type of abuse on MyDialogue will not be tolerated and tutors will have the possibility to report students for abusive behaviour.

;80% of workers no dot feel safe at work’ The beauty about MyDialogue is that it gives tutors the ability to earn money from the safety and comfort of their own home, eliminating this problem.


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