Lessons learnt from a teacher’s arrest.

A teacher being imprisoned for subversive actions is directly associated with authoritarian regimes. A teacher dares to spread ideas contrary to the established doxa, and a horrified parent denounces this to the authorities.

Given this, would you be surprised to learn that an English teacher was recently arrested in France? Although Macron is denounced by his critics for his authoritarian tendencies, no-one would classify France as a totalitarian state. 

However, when it is understood that he was arrested for burning copies of his students’ Bac papers, it is easy to think his arrest is well deserved, what could possibly justify his action?

A lot of things, it turns out.

He did this in protest at his students’ English level and the poor curriculum. He put down their’ poor progression to the backward and irrelevant curriculum which did not inspire them.

This is what MyDialogue fights against. We make English learning interesting and relevant by putting speaking and creating relationships at the centre of our model. 

Students learn English by discovering new topics and ideas, and speaking about them with their peers, transforming language learning into an engaging activity, removing the need for arson!


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