Firstly you need to know – the program you will choose for English learning depends on your level. It can be educational, it can be for kids, as long as you are having fun when learning a language
How to become fluent in a second language? This is the one million dollar question that MyDialogue is trying to resolve. Acquiring fluency requires the accumulation of several skills (as  presented in our app) ,and reading, though overlooked, is
There is a common misconception that the only and easiest way to become fluent in a language is by learning it from an early age. This may stem from the fact that research has shown that as a child,
Language is in constant evolution. Much of Shakespeare sounds foreign to English speakers (and the explanatory notes which accompany his plays demonstrates that I am not the only one who thinks this!) But even on a generational time scale,
You are 25, you left school 7 years ago and have not looked at English since. You are applying for a job that requires English but you struggle to remember how to form the past tense and trying to
You’ve been learning English for a period of time and you feel like you have hit a brick wall, that you have stopped progressing and you are tempted to give up! Whatever you do, don’t!
The purpose of learning a language is to be able to speak it, but unfortunately, the speaking skill is often neglected. Whether this be on language applications where you cannot practise or during classes, where you are not given
Learning a language is often difficult and monotonous, but there are several ways to brighten it up and transform it into an exciting hobby. One is to learn English through songs!
When learning a language, one of the most complex elements is to master the accent. The sounds that we are able to pronounce often depend on the language we learned as a child. As a result, many native English
How many languages do you think are spoken throughout the world? Given that there are officially 195 countries, and that many countries have the same official language, a guess could be that there exist around 150 languages? This guess,
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