Learning any new language is tough, it’s normal to feel that fluency will never be achieved, but this feeling is incorrect. Even native speakers struggle with English, they too are constantly learning new words and phrases.
The Oxford English dictionary has officially decided that the word vax (or vaxx) is to be the word of 2021. Whether you pro or anti vax, I think we can all agree that this word fully merits its award,
As the release of the new MyDialogue app is getting closer and closer, we need to decide on a rallying cry, a slogan that bring people to our cause! Why not seize one which has proven its success ?
Practices and skills needed in the workplace have been changing for a while. The pandemic has accelerated this and further shaken up the world of work. The future of the workplace, in terms of expertise required and environment will
We are living in a technological revolution. Over the past 50 years, technology has increasingly penetrated and transformed human life. Whether this be in the framework of entertainment, work, or communication, it’s impossible to escape technological influence. This has
The Gig Economy represents an increasing share of the job market and is projected to continue to grow. Whilst it offers benefits to those wishing to make extra money or craving flexibility, it removes the creation of human relationships
MyDialogue’s tutors will operate within the gig economy. Unfortunately, at the moment, the gig economy has a negative connotation, it is seen as exploitative. Reading reports from the IWGB on workers welfare has enabled MyDialogue to build our business
The social perception of different languages It is reported (Maroc : le français mord la poussière sur les réseaux sociaux du Raja – Le Point) that one of the reasons why English is increasingly used amongst Moroccans is because French
In English speaking countries, there is considerable reluctance to study a foreign language. The book, Attitudes to Modern Foreign Language Learning: Insights from Comparative Education, finds that ‘UK, US and Australia share common attitudinal problems towards the study of
Jack Ma can teach us a number of things. At first glance, the things that come to mind range from his sharp business skills and market understanding to the importance of not criticising the Chinese financial system (which is
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