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Our Vision of Edutainment

We are living in a technological revolution. Over the past 50 years, technology has increasingly penetrated and transformed human life. Whether this be in the framework of entertainment, work, or communication, it’s impossible to escape technological influence. This has changed how society functions. At the tip of our fingers, in comparison to previous generations, we have greater access to information, means of communication and have an endless list of ways to entertain ourselves. 

If we look at the way technology influences leisure time, there are identifiable trends . Applications and websites which facilitate communication and contact are highly demanded. Hence the popularity of Facebook, Instagram, Zoom , Whatsapp, Snapchat and many dating apps. Additionally, entertainment is sought after, as shown by subscription numbers of Tiktok, Netlifx, Amazon video, etc. Educational tools are also experiencing a lot of success, with apps like Duolingo, Brainscape and edX all claiming millions of downloads.

These trends have been confirmed and intensified during the Coronavirus pandemic. Whilst most listed companies suffered, Facebook, Netflix and Zoom’s share price increased, and all gained users. In France, Disney Plus’s launch date even had to be delayed as the government feared that it would be so popular that it would crash servers. 

MyDialog has integrated consumer demands and desires into its model. It combines communication, entertainment and education. MyDialog gives users the opportunity to undertake a virtual language exchange, where they can educate themselves by learning a new language through communicating via messaging and video calls. We ensure that our users are entertained through our sessions, which include different types of videos and questions that users to help them learn a language through having interesting coversations. We hope that these three ingredients will provide a new, innovative and fun approach to language learning.


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